Interview with Alex Poh/alexperthfoodie – F & B Social Media influencer

IMG_0328Tell us how you got into becoming a food and beverage influencer?

As a self-declared food junkie and inspired home cook, I am fascinated by every facet of the culinary world, be it from street fare to fine dining and I consider myself fortunate to have travelled to many regions across the globe savouring what these places have to offer.  I am also genuinely interested by what goes into making a dish (history, inspiration, tradition, ingredients, techniques) as I believe every dish has a story behind it. That being said, I have always enjoyed taking photos of food and probably even more so when cameras started getting embedded into mobile phones. Through the years, I mainly took photos of food to remind me of a place and time as well as to give me ideas and inspiration on what to cook, but for all the hundreds of photos I had taken, none were ever posted online. In fact, prior to the last 2 years, I hardly used social media and Instagram was a foreign application to me. To cut a long story short, my wife suggested I put up some of my postings on Instagram and before I knew it, I was chatting with people from all walks of life in Perth and all over the globe about food. That really left an impression on me (and still does) and have not looked back since. From an influencer standpoint, it all started with my first invite to a small eatery and that one event really change the course of the AlexPerthFoodie brand. That event truly opened my eyes to how powerful social media is as a marketing too and its ability to help business reach out to the masses.


Where are you from/And how long have you been in Perth?

I am originally from Singapore but have been in Perth for over 20 years. I came here as a teen for high school and have pretty much built my life here ever since.


Is this a hobby for you?

It definitely started out as that but it has since evolved into something a little more than just a hobby. At present, apart from my own every day food postings, I also attend regular food events organised by restaurants, PR/Events companies, product manufacturers and the food blogging community. In addition to that, I am also managing the social media account of a small handful of restaurants and cafes in Perth.   


How has the food scene evolved in Perth in the last few years?

Apart from the massive influx of Korean restaurants and ramen specialised joints that have saturated Perth is last couple of years (not a bad thing to be honest as I love Korean food and ramen), I think the food scene has seen a massive growth in the health conscious category as well as the breakfast/brunch categories. I have also noticed that people are more savvy when it comes to flavours, cooking techniques and ingredients hence the need for restaurants to consistently be on their toes carving out niche menus items that sets them apart from the rest. With the strong emergence of social media and anyone with a mobile phone having the ability to take a decent photo anywhere and anytime, plating has also evolved significantly.


Do you think there is anything missing in the food scene here in Perth?

I think we need to have more places here that pushes the culinary boundary beyond what’s already on offer. I would love to see more places that offer experimental as well as experiential dishes.

 What is your favourite cuisine ?

I get asked that a lot and I have to say that it is probably one of the hardest questions to answer but if I have to give a response, I would say Singapore hawker cuisine.


Please do checkout Alex ‘s write-ups and pictures on his experiences with the food scene here in Perth, Western Australia. I wanted to thank Alex for being so outgoing, easy to talk to and also for taking time out of his busy schedule  for this interview. 


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