The VV style

Growing up as a child in Singapore, I have always admired my grandfather for his style of dressing. He was a very well dressed and good looking man. As a shy child, I would always stand at the corner of the room and admire his presence and how well his clothes fitted him and thought when I grow up, I want to be a well dressed lady as well.

Secrets on getting healthy glossy hair

I have been asked so many times, on how I care for my hair as it always looks so smooth, glossy and so soft to touch. Yes, ladies have asked to touch my hair and were surprised, I had no hair extensions and it is all my natural hair. I decided that I would share my secret on it. Besides genetics, which I have to thank my parents for, the type of shampoo and conditioner which I have used over the years have helped. Twice weekly deep conditioning to my hair is a must as I do blow dry my hair daily.