Secrets on getting healthy glossy hair

I have been asked so many times, on how I care for my hair as it always looks so smooth, glossy and so soft to touch. Yes, ladies have asked to touch my hair and were surprised, I had no hair extensions and it is all my natural hair. I decided that I would share my secret on it. Besides genetics, which I have to thank my parents for, the type of shampoo and conditioner which I have used over the years have helped. Twice weekly deep conditioning to my hair is a must as I do blow dry my hair daily.

unnamedIt will come as a shock to everyone that my no frills shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner, can be purchased at a very low costs at any supermarket .

So here goes, the brand of shampoo and conditioner is “Organics Care”. It is free from sls, als, ales, petrolchemical cleansers & parabens. I am not a big fan of hair care that contains chemicals that your body in its natural state will react badly to.  As a sufferer of the skin condition eczema, I constantly have to be careful with any products that I use.

At a low costs of  AUS $5.50 each, for the biggest bottle at 750 ml, you can purchase them at any supermarkets in Australia.

unnamed (1)With my twice a week deep hair conditioning, I use the “bioglan” organic coconut oil which costs at less than AUS $7.00.


How to use

– by applying to all of the hair and combing it through

– leave it on for about an hour,  then shampoo it off. If you do feel the need to use conditioner ,  use only a very little amount to detangle. 


Benefits of coconut oil 

–  Coconut oil has been used for centuries and it’s unique healthy fat composition is beneficial for all types of hair .

unnamed (2)–  it is high in natural saturated fats which are harmless to your body

–  it also helps with the improvement of good bacteria in your gut by destroying the bad ones .

I have only mentioned some of the benefits , but there are definitely more .

As a coffee drinker, I do mix in half a teaspoon of the coconut oil in my coffee in the mornings as well , this greatly helps with my overall health as well as keeping my eczema at bay as unfortunately, there is no care for the condition, except for maintenance on a daily basis.


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