The Ordinary is no Ordinary

The Ordinary “Buffet” serum is definitely no ordinary skin care line. It actually delivers results at less than US$20.00.

As my skin is dry and sensitive, I have tried quite a few serums, which I do not see any results what so ever and have caused me to break out in rashes. 

unnamed (4)I came across this skincare line at one of my local beauty store, and it caught my eye, as it was at a low cost and I have not seen any major advertising with their brand.


The no frills packaging, and the main ingredient of multi -technology peptide serum clearly impressed me, however that was just that. So I decided to purchase and try it on my skin.

After only a week of the application of the serum day and night, I have no doubt this serum delivers what it promises at a low cost. My skin is smooth, dewy and most of all , it has not caused any negative skin reactions. I have had many compliments from friends and family,  asking if I had a holiday recently as my skin was glowing and smooth.unnamed (5)

The Serum is oil-free , fragrance-free , silicone-free,  water based and the key ingredient of multi-technology peptides is the key to achieving smoother and plumper skin.

How to use 

Apply a few drops to clean face,  day and night before any moisturizers.


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